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"My name is Alison

Welcome to my online space!"

This platform is dedicated to share

knowledge and build community

around holistic wellness in its many forms.

"In this ever changing world, we must learn to walk hand in hand with nature. By healing ourselves and becoming mindful of our actions, we become in tune with our surroundings. Thus, self awareness could be the key to restoring our planet and giving way to a more loving and nurturing society."

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Book your

Discovery Call


I grew up on Sinixt territory in the land now known as “beautiful British Columbia”, Canada. In our Russian-Doukhobor household, it was normal to spend time outside often and pick delicious garden raised vegetables for our meals in the summer time. My mother always cooked and baked wholesomely and gave us herbal remedies to prevent us from getting sick in the winter. You could say that the values of eating well and working closely with the land have been passed on to me by my ancestors, however; my real interest in natural healing started with a journey into the Vedic culture...

In my early twenties, I developed a steady practice of yoga by going to various group classes. I found that this simple habit of yoga helped me so much, not only in maintaining a healthy weight, but in feeling more energetic and genuinely excited about my life. I remember walking down the street after my classes feeling so relaxed and blissed out. I knew I wanted to keep doing yoga & meditation to continue feeling this high vibrational energy!

When I realized I needed a change of scenery from where I was living in Vancouver BC, I set out on a long term backpacking adventure which eventually brought me to Mysore, India to complete a 300 hour yoga teacher training course. This changed my life and personal health in such a positive way and brought me to discover more about the ancient sciences of the Vedic culture, including Ayurvedic medicine.

I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to learn more about Ayurveda, massage and detoxification treatments in order to continue improving my life and also helping others so in 2016, I returned to India for a 3 month intensive diploma course in Ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma treatments.

In the midst of my course, it became apparent that I had a lot of my own underlying health issues. After living a care-free party lifestyle as a backpacker, I was now struggling with some serious fatigue from not taking care of myself properly. This resulted in weight gain, skin breakouts, back pain, mood swings and a general lack of motivation even for things I loved.

I decided to put myself through a 1 month personal panchakarma detoxification session which was offered at my school. Through 30 intense days of fasting, massage treatments, mono diets and herbal detoxification rituals, I was able to clean out my digestive tract from accumulated toxins which was the key to help me to ditch my fatigue and feel so much lighter! I shed the excess pounds, cleared up my skin, relieved my aching muscles and improved my sleep quality.

Most importantly I learned how to implement some healthy long term habits and adjust my daily routine for maximum rest and productivity.

I felt like a different person by the end of my program and came out into the world with more confidence about my body and more knowledge of how to help others on their transformational health journey!


A lot of what I share comes from my own personal experience, from learning how to heal myself intuitively and going back to my roots. I've learned that the key to truly knowing ourselves comes from remembering our connection to the earth and all that plays a role in our daily environments.

My goal is to help others take their health back into their own hands by changing their relationship to food, making simple yet effective changes to their daily lifestyle and work with powerful plant allies for strength and longevity.

I'm here to meet you wherever you're at on your personal health journey and offer tools & support to find the radiant health that already exists within you!

Please write to me below to and book a

Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call

to have your questions answered and see

how we can work together.

I can't wait to hear from you!

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