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Birth Support

I am passionate about fostering healthy communities & families to make our planet an even better place to live. I believe that healthy families start at birth and all new mothers and their partners should have the support they need to welcome their child safely into this world.
I view the sacred cycle of birth, not as a medical condition, but an absolutely unique experience that should allow every woman to feel empowered and strong as her body is designed to do so.
As a doula, I act as a mental and emotional support system to women and their partners, prenatally, during labour and postpartum. I provide you both with on-going coaching and support to prepare you for the intensity of child birth, giving you all the tools and information to remain in control during the process.


My training includes the following certifications that will be relevant to your care:

  • Birth Doula Certification (Gentle Touch Doula, Edmonton, AB 2016)

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certificate (Gaia Tree Yoga, Nelson, BC 2016)

  • Pregnancy & Baby Massage Certificate (School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, Kerala, India 2015)

Please contact me directly to receive more information regarding doula services, prenatal yoga, pregnancy/baby massage and childcare.

I look forward to getting to know you soon and guiding you through each step on this beautiful and special path in your life.​

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