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Ayurvedic Health Consultations & Private Coaching

Change your health

Change your life

How can a Private Consultation & Coaching benefit my wellbeing?

We all need a bit of guidance sometimes.. whether we are struggling with a recurring health condition or just want to improve our daily lifestyle. Having personal support and accountability from a health professional can play a huge role in helping us achieve our health goals.

Ayurveda recognizes that each person has a unique body constitution with different wants and needs. What may be the perfect diet and routine for some, may be completely different for you! 

I use this ancient science as a basis to determine what is your body type & personality by nature.

Using the Tri-Doshic theory, I can determine the needs of your unique body type. We can also see what is presently out of balance in your system and use simple holistic methods to bring yourself back to optimal health.

Through a private consultation with me, we will determine your Prakruti (true constitution from birth) and your Vikruti (current imbalances). You will get a basic understanding of how Ayurveda works, so no worries if you don't have any previous experience with this system! I also offer continual follow up coaching after our first session which includes a specialized food plan for your needs, daily and seasonal routine outlines, suggestions for herbs, detoxifications and bodywork treatments, 24/7 email support and MORE!

Some unique features of working with Ayurveda...

  • Get to know yourself and your surroundings by understanding how the doshas function

  • Focus on preventative medicine; strengthening your systems from the inside out for longevity!

  • Go to the root cause of your imbalance; no more masking symptoms! Find out what could be triggering your chronic illness or why you are more suceptable to certain diseases and how to stop them from recurring over time

  • Discover which herbs & supplements are right for you; no side effects or expensive fees from pharmaceuticals!

  • Learn about how your physical systems are triggered by your mental, emotional & spiritual state

  • Emphasis on self care and self love; make time to do more of what makes you truly feel nourished

  • Take your health back into your own hands! With the right tools & guidance, you can completely transform your life by making very simple changes to your daily routine, habits & food choices

"Alison is a very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to relate to person who really listens and provides expert knowledge and support for anyone taking their health journey seriously."

~ David G

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