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Holistic Massage


One of the main detoxification treatments in the Ayurvedic healing is warm oil massage known as “abhyanga”. These Ayurvedic healing practices were written in the Vedic texts and have been followed in India for thousands of years. The ancient Indian physician, Sushruta, wrote this about oil massage (translated from Sanskrit) :


“Oil applied on the human organism imparts a tone and vigour to its tissues, in the same manner as water furnishes the roots of a tree or a plant with the necessary nutritive elements, and fosters its growth, when poured into the soil where it grows. The oil penetrates into the system through the mouths of the veins and the ducts of the body, as also through the roots of the hair, and thus soothes and invigorates the body with its own essence.”

I discovered the ancient art of touch through Ayurvedic medicine. I studied and obtained a diploma from the school of Ayurveda & Panchakarma in Kerala, India which specialized in the trainings of various body treatments such as Abhyanga (oil massage), Shirodhara (oil pouring), Chavitti Uzhichil (massage with feet) and Marma Point Massage.

When I brought these trainings from the East back to the West, I continued to learn & practice various types of bodywork such as Thai, Reflexology, Relaxation & Prenatal Massage.

My career in massage has taught me to work intuitively with each individual client, offering a unique experience of mixed techniques for whatever the physical & subtle body is calling for!

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